Save Time and Money with Komodo Eye

How much time do you spend trying to find and fix Network Issues? Komodo Eye is here to help.

Komodo Eye MIB Table Screen

Networks cost money to operate, and one of the largest expenses is the time spent trying to hunt down and fix network issues. With limited time to juggle between other operational needs and fixing problems, network professionals find themselves taxed. Further, in a tight labor market, the cost and availability of bringing on additional people to help reduce the load on yourself or your network professionals can be prohibitive for a business. Komodo Eye can help. With its next gen discovery and diagnostics using its data-first approach that collects all available SNMP data, Komodo Eye can provide real-time solutions that saves time and money. Within minutes of deployment, Komodo Eye can identify anomalies, errors, traffic, and state changes without needing to spend time digging through your NMS data silos. Further, Komodo eye can help you keep your templates and configurations up to date by finding everything connected to your network. With its light deployment and real-time insights, Komodo Eye saves network professionals and organizations time and money in helping solve issues efficiently.

Rapid Deployment

Using all available SNMP data on your network, Komodo Eye informs you of what is happening on your network without needing to dig. Within minutes of implementation, Komodo eye will provide you with real-time network intel, saving you time and money.

No Need to Set Templates or Parameters

Using all available SNMP data on your network, Komodo Eye informs you of what is happening without templates and up-front configuration. Due to its light implementation, Komodo Eye can be running in minutes on virtually any computer running Linux, MacOS, or Windows.

Your own Network Private Eye for $30/Month

Experience next gen discovery AND diagnosis with Komodo Eye within minutes of downloading the application. Try it for free for the first 30-days, and then a bottom-line-friendly, limited time $30/month for your first year of subscription (normally $99/month).

Start your free 30-day trial of Komodo Eye today.

No gimmicks. 30-day free trial and then limited time early adopter pricing of $30/month for your first year using the Komodo Eye (normally $99/month).

Getting up and running with Komodo Eye is easy. Very easy.


Step 1

Create an account and Download Komodo Eye


Step 2

Install Komodo Eye


Step 3

Name your network and input subnets and SNMP credentials (if needed)


Step 4

Start scanning and let Komodo Eye do the heavy lifting