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It All Started in a Baseball Stadium

Our story begins when our founder designed a wireless network for a Major League Baseball Stadium. After completion he received complaints that the outfield had no Wi-Fi service. Central monitoring showed no problems. Complaints continued. An onsite investigation revealed that a fiberglass baton antenna had been removed.

Central monitoring showed no problems but from the spectator in center field’s perspective, the Wi-Fi didn’t work. Following the repairs, he thought about this Wi-Fi issue and the fact that existing solutions don’t measure the user’s experience.

Komodo was created to measure the quality of a user’s experience. Without such measurement the quality of a user’s experience is assumed and never assured.

We thrive on helping our customers find and fix network problems, and then ensure an A+ user experience by continuously monitoring and resolving issues before customer complaints.

Company Description

Komodo is a carrier-class network analytics and user experience (QoE measurement) platform. Through its physical and virtual probes, Komodo offers a compelling, cost-effective solution measuring real-time and historical network KPI’s along with end-user application performance in the wireless airspace (WIFI, LTE, DAS, 5G).

Komodo holds a stable of recently awarded intellectual property covering user experience within wireless and wireline networks. Komodo’s clients are Enterprise and Tier 1 Carrier’s across the globe invested in the success of broadband networks and end-user satisfaction. Komodo gives its carrier clients the real data they need, on the fly to solve problems, gauge, measure, predict patterns and measure true user experience.

Komodo is the premium toolset behind the migration from the best effort wireless networks of yesterday to the carrier class WIFI and 5G networks of tomorrow.

Komodo Systems has been approved for a US Patent.

We help our customers create and maintain mission critical WI-Fi user experiences in buildings through our user experience monitoring services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo with one of our Wi-Fi UX specialists.

Our Mission

To measure & analyze the quality of wired & wireless networks from the perspective of users and applications running on those networks.

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