Komodo Eye Provides Real-Time Discovery and Diagnostics to Your Network

Komodo Eye’s adaptive, data-first approach bolsters your current NMS deployment with next gen discovery and diagnosis in real-time.

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Komodo Eye can Play a Critical Role in maintaining a Well-Functioning Network and NMS

Komodo Eye can help you make the most of your current (and costly) NMS setup and investment, while saving you a bit time and money in ongoing operations.

Komodo Eye plays well with others. Really well. Non-invasive and browser-based, Komodo Eye runs in parallel with your current tools and NMS, augmenting your ability to manage the complexity of your networks. Using its leading-edge, bottom-up approach to discovery and diagnosis, Komodo Eye can complement the traditional top-down, template and configuration-driven NMS architecture. With its rapid implementation, and ability to discover and read all available SNMP data on a network, Komodo Eye can help you explore additional information, devices, and parameters that can be applied to your primary NMS. Further, Komodo Eye can act as a triage tool to rapidly deploy when network issues are detected, facilitating timely remediation. Komodo Eye can be installed on virtually any computer running Windows, MacOS (coming soon), or Linux (coming soon), making it easy to integrate it into your current array of tools and save you time and money.

Experience how Komodo Eye can Augment your Network Management Capabilities with a 30-day Free Trial

Komodo Eye’s data-first, rapid real-time approach to discovery and diagnostics makes it the ideal companion to any NMS implementation. Find out for yourself how Komodo Eye can augment your network capabilities with a free 30-day trial, and $99/month thereafter. Better yet, for a limited time, get your first year of Komodo Eye for $30/month after your free trial.

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Start your free 30-day trial of Komodo Eye today.

No gimmicks. 30-day free trial and then limited time early adopter pricing of $30/month for your first year using the Komodo Eye (normally $99/month).

Getting up and running with Komodo Eye is easy. Very easy.


Step 1

Create an account and Download Komodo Eye


Step 2

Install Komodo Eye


Step 3

Name your network and input subnets and SNMP credentials (if needed)


Step 4

Start scanning and let Komodo Eye do the heavy lifting