Quickly Monitor and Troubleshoot your Network and Internet Connections

Komodo Ping™ quickly uncovers and helps you diagnose the performance issues with your local network and internet connections in an easy to use desktop application.

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Network Connection Performance Insights in Seconds

Input your target IP address or domain name, set your traceroute intervals and begin to see all of the hops and their impact on the speed and performance of your internet connection, network, and computer.

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Easy to Read Latency, Loss, and Jitter

Quickly identify the latency, loss, and jitter for your entire connection and each individual hop of our traceroute using easy to read graphs and data. Toggle each hop that you want to further explore and see where potential bottlenecks lie in your network or internet connections.

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Built in Speed Test

Using remote servers, find out how fast your internet connection is from your computer with a single click. Benchmark your upload, download, and latencies against what you are paying for your internet plan.

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Windows application

All-in-one Traceroute Tool for Internet and Network Connection Performance

The Komodo Ping™ is an all-in-one traceroute tool that aids you in quickly troubleshooting your internet and network connection performance. Download. install, input your destination, and/or test your internet speed in a matter of minutes. Try it out today!

  • Perpetual License: Forever Yours
  • No Configuration
  • Explore Latency, Loss, and Jitter
  • Set Trace Intervals and Destination
  • Built-in Speed Test
Komodo Ping™
1 perpetual license for Komodo Ping. Yours forever.
  • Perpetual License
  • Cross-platform (coming soon)
  • 1 year of updates

Start your free 30-day trial of Komodo Eye today.

No gimmicks. 30-day free trial and then limited time early adopter pricing of $30/month for your first year using the Komodo Eye (normally $99/month).

Getting up and running with Komodo Eye is easy. Very easy.


Step 1

Create an account and Download Komodo Eye


Step 2

Install Komodo Eye


Step 3

Name your network and input subnets and SNMP credentials (if needed)


Step 4

Start scanning and let Komodo Eye do the heavy lifting