Next Gen Network Discovery and Diagnostics

Komodo Eye is the tool that Effortlessly does Discovery AND Diagnostics using all available SNMP data.

Komodo Eye MIB Table Screen

A Tool that Does Both Discovery AND Diagnostics? Preposterous!

While it seems too good to be true, Komodo Eye does both. (Really well, we might add!)

The majority of standalone tools, and NMS-based tools rely on a high-level of user input to determine what you are trying to look for, monitor, or diagnose. Often, you will have a tool that will do well with discovery OR diagnostics, but not both in a well-rounded, easy to use package. Komodo Eye utilizes a bottom-up approach that collects all available SNMP data and connections on a network. This approach simultaneously provides you a complete list of devices and connections, and all the SNMP data that is adaptively and dynamically polled to determine traffic usage, anomalies, and errors that exist in real-time. The best part is that you will start seeing these results within minutes of starting your scan. Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too with Komodo Eye’s discovery AND diagnostics!

Try Komodo Eye’s Industry Leading Next Gen Discovery and Diagnostics Today!

See how quickly you can begin solving all the world’s problems your network’s problems with Network’s discovery and diagnosis and our 30-day free trial! Even better yet, after we have you hooked, we are offering this tool for $30/month during the first year of your subscription for a limited time (normally $99/month)!

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Start your free 30-day trial of Komodo Eye today.

No gimmicks. 30-day free trial and then limited time early adopter pricing of $30/month for your first year using the Komodo Eye (normally $99/month).

Getting up and running with Komodo Eye is easy. Very easy.


Step 1

Create an account and Download Komodo Eye


Step 2

Install Komodo Eye


Step 3

Name your network and input subnets and SNMP credentials (if needed)


Step 4

Start scanning and let Komodo Eye do the heavy lifting